The Big Cats – Saturday, January 22nd @ 3pm

The Big Cats
Saturday, January 22 at 3pm
In the Ballroom, $5 Cover
800 W 9th St, Little Rock, AR

“When the Big Cats make rock and roll, they cut one hell of a figure.” – Dry Ink

The new year is upon us and what better way to kick it off than a brand new floor!

The new floor is down and it looks great. A special thanks to Cone construction for all their hard work in getting it done.

With the new floor comes new opportunities to hold events in the actual Ballroom and we have our first one planned for next Saturday! The Big Cats (Guitarist from Green Day) will be playing a short set Saturday, January 22 at 3pm. This intimate show (with and awesome band!) is what we are calling a soft launch and will give us and some of the local promoters an idea of what we can do in the Ballroom.


Come out next Saturday afternoon and hear some great live music and help us with our “practice run” in the ballroom!

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