Prom Pictures at Dreamland Ballroom

sara-eldred-118-copy.JPGAnother perk of buying a brick for the Dreamland Ballroom is you have access to the Dreamland for photo shoots! Take your prom pictures, wedding pictures, fashion show photo shoots, theater and arts photos, and so much more. Unfortunately we can not do car shows in the dreamland, but you could try and drive a motorcycle up there (We want pics of that!!!)
sara-eldred-083-copy-2-2.JPGHere are some recent shots of Chase Reid and his girlfriend, Sara Eldred for prom. Chase is a junior at Parkview High School and Sara is a senior at North Little Rock High School. These photos were taken April 23, 2010 the same day as the prom.


So buy a brick today and support the Dreamland Ballroom! We want you to enjoy it as much as we do. Help us bring the party back!

To book your photo shoot please call 1-501-255-5700.
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