Buying into the Dream

logo_weather.jpgKARK4 did a nice piece on the Dreamland Ballroom’s book fair last Sunday at Barnes and Noble. Here is the article and click on the link below to see the TV footage!

A group of Arkansans, set on restoring an old performance hall to its former glory, got a big boost over the weekend.

The Barnes and Noble on Financial Center donated 10% of its proceeds today to “Friends of Dreamland Ballroom.”

The Dreamland Ballroom was a premier venue in Little Rock for soul, R and B, and jazz musicians.

This group wants to rehab it and preserve it as a place to hold events and performances.

“I’ve had offers to turn it into a restaurant, a school, apartments. But it just needs to stay what it is, an events center which is not necessarily a real prosperous business, it almost has to be a non-profit,” says Kerry McCoy with Friends of Dreamland Ballroom.

The group hopes to fund raise this year, start construction next year and re-open the venue in 2012.

For more information on how you can get involved, click here.


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