Timeline of Taborian Hall

Timeline of Taborian Hall

♦ Originally named Taborian Temple,  construction began in 1916 and was  completed in 1918.uso

♦ First tenant was African American fraternal insurance organization, the  Knights and Daughters of the Tabor.

♦ Also in 1918, a Negro Soldiers Club opened on the ground floor, providing a recreational center for African American soldiers stationed at Camp Pike.

♦ Taborian Temple housed many  commercial endeavors including professional offices for Dr. J. V. Jordan, dentist,  and Dr. W. B. Black, physician, Gem Pharmacy, Ritz Beer Garden, and Dreamland Grill.

♦ By 1937, the Dreamland Ballroom was firmly established on Taborian’s third floor and was host to the musical greats Ray Charles, B.B. King, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington among others.

♦ During World War II, the United Service Club, USO, bought the building and turned the first to the third floors into a club that served thousands of Black soldiers from Camp Robinson (formerly Camp Pike) and the Stuttgart Air Base.

♦ In 1954, the Temple became known as Taborian Hall, and housed three nightclubs: Twin City Club was in the basement; the Waiters Club was located on the second floor; and the Dreamland Ballroom had morphed into Club Morocco.

♦ By 1970 all of the clubs had closed and the building was abandoned.

♦ In 1991, Kerry McCoy purchased the building to house her business FlagandBanner.com.

♦  In 2009,Friends of Dreamland, a non-profit group, was established to protect and restore the Ballroom.

♦ Today, restoration continues with your generous tax-deductable support!


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