Friends of Dreamland Ballroom Holds First Open-House

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Friends of Dreamland Ballroom, the non-profit group formed to support the restoration of the historic Dreamland Ballroom, on the top floor of the Taborian Hall will hold its first open house Thursday, October 1st, 2009.

Friends of Dreamland Ballroom is a non-profit committed to bringing back the music, the history, and the party of the Dreamland Ballroom. “This open house is an opportunity for us to share our mission and vision with the public” says Kerry McCoy, Chairman of the Friends of Dreamland. “We will serve wine and cheese, give a short presentation, and then tours of the building” says Kerry.

If you would like to attend the event just send an email to or call 501-255-5700.


For information: or
Phone: 1-501-255-5700

Dreamland Ballroom on Today’s THV news

So Sunday morning I am sitting at home sipping coffee, when the phone rings. It is Today’s THV reporter, Faith Abubey, she says, “Is this Kerry McCoy owner of Arkansas Flag and Banner?”

Faith had seen Dreamland Ballroom’s press release about our new nonprofit status and wanted to do a story on the place. Faith and I laughed about it must be a slow news day for her to be calling me at home and that I didn’t need a shower because it wasn’t smell-a-vision. So a time was set for us to meet in the Ballroom for the interview. She is a great women. She works alone with a camera and a mike. She records, writes, edits and narrates her own stories, all while wearing heels and makeup. What a girl!

The story aired Sunday at 5, 10 and 6 the next morning. I think she did a really good job but you be the judge…here it is…

Dreamland Ballroom on Today’s THV