The Arkansas Journey

arkansasjourney.jpgArkansas’ Flag and Banner and it’s founder, Kerry McCoy are featured in a new Arkansas history textbook entitled, “The Arkansas Journey” by Berry Trey. McCoy and her company are named as an example of “The Entrepreneurial Spirit” in Arkansas. In the chapter named “Making a living in Arkansas,” Kerry McCoy’s name is mentioned as a “name to know” among other noted Arkansans such as Sam Walton of Wal Mart, William T. Dillard of Dillard’s department stores, and Charles H. Murphy Jr. of Murphy Oil Company.

When asked how she felt about being mentioned among such noteworthy business people, Kerry McCoy was very pleased. “But it is particularly special for me to be mentioned in “The Arkansas Journey,” because it is a textbook used in the Arkansas schools in which I was raised. I was never a great student and sometimes feared that my ability to excel in school would hinder me from becoming a success. I can only hope that my story and that of Arkansas’ Flag and Banner can possibly give hope to other children who are not naturally good students and show them that if they refuse to give up, they can make their way in the world even if they do not fit evenly between the lines that the education system sometimes appears to impose.”


Kerry McCoy with Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee